I have been providing readings for the last 8 years, and in that time I've helped people find clarity in situations and have advised many people in making decisions through

readings that help them feel more sure in their choices. 

I've done many house blessings and clearings as well as helped spirits find peace and through the 6 years of membership with a Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters as a paranormal investigatorI've gained experience in gathering and providing evidence and validation for those experiencing paranormal activity in their businesses and homes.
Take a look at some testimonials from my clients: 


"Ariel is truly the real thing. ... 

Her services are worth way more than what she charges, ... 

Her tarot readings were very accurate and the things she intuitively picked up were even more-so. I had never been to an intuitive psychic who just knew the things she did.

I was hoping for information that would help with my personal growth, and answers to a few questions I had.

Ariel went above and beyond offering true and valuable information that has helped me spiritually,

emotionally, personally and professionally. I wouldn't recommend anyone else."

—  Kelly S.

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