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I have been providing readings for the last 9 years, and in that time I've helped people find clarity in situations and have advised many people in making decisions through

readings that help them feel more sure in their choices. 

I've done many house and property blessings and clearings as well as helped spirits and clients find peace and through the 5 years of membership with a Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters as a paranormal investigator. I've gained experience in gathering and providing evidence and validation for those experiencing paranormal activity in their businesses and homes.
Take a look at some testimonials from my clients: 

"Ariel is truly the real thing. ... 

Her services are worth way more than what she charges, ... 

Her tarot readings were very accurate and the things she intuitively picked up were even more-so. I had never been to an intuitive psychic who just knew the things she did.

I was hoping for information that would help with my personal growth, and answers to a few questions I had.

Ariel went above and beyond offering true and valuable information that has helped me spiritually,

emotionally, personally and professionally. I wouldn't recommend anyone else."

—  Kelly S.


My Story

I have had my abilities since I was a child, and I'm passionate about helping others find a spiritual path that helps them feel empowered and confident in their abilities and overall life.

At a young age, I was seeing angels and the spirits of those who had passed over despite being raised in a Christian Baptist household where my abilities weren’t encouraged. As a college-student, I found myself in an abusive relationship with a guy who I had met through the church youth group I participated in.  This situation created a spiral of self-doubt and lead me to question the values and beliefs that I clung to and was raised with. I had stopped attending church for the first time in my life at the age of 18. 


The depression that followed shook my foundation and made me analyze and question the values that previously defined my life and actions. I ended up at rock bottom and emotionally, was a complete wreck.  Looking back on that whole experience, I can clearly see how the Universe was tearing down the façade I had built so I could do nothing but become who I was truly destined to be.  

In the summer of 2012, I started expanding and strengthening my abilities and by the end of the year I started offering readings and other metaphysical services online and expanded to providing readings at spiritual fairs and speaking at events.

By the winter of 2013 I was married and had started my YouTube channel under my married name, Ariel Wickman and joined Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters in Spring of 2015.  Spring of 2017 brought another wave of change and I went through a divorce and decided to re-branded myself.  The Willow tree is able to be flexible under stress and holds a lot of resonance with me regarding my personality and path and has ties to Celtic and Irish tradition which goes hand in hand with my family's Irish roots, so I re-branded as Ariel Willow.  ​


Today I'm part of Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters and continue to help preserve historical landmarks and investigate, as well as provide readings and sessions for clients and use my YouTube channel and Tiktok as a way to help others who are just discovering their path, feel more confident in their spirituality, abilities and experiences! 

It is my hope that I can help others discover and strengthen their abilities, as well as continue providing a community and support to those who may feel alone or like they don't belong.


Get in Touch

Whether it's business inquiries, collaborations, sponsorship or simply wanting to connect, please don't hesitate to reach out!

My team does their best to respond to voicemails, texts or emails within a week and we value your patience! When possible, general questions are answered by my team members on my behalf.

- Responses may be delayed over holidays or weekends -

Thank you for reaching out; we’ll respond to your message soon!

Join the wait list!

Due to high demand, sessions with me are booked via a first come, first serve waitlist!

Please visit the services landing page to look over different sessions and pricing, as well as sign up for the wait list!  

Ariel Willow

Los Angeles, CA

Call or text support:

+1 301-664-4449

(only available to those in the U.S.A.)

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