Session Calendar

This is where you can schedule your connection call, phone or Skype calls, 

video chat, live chat, email or message readings or sessions with me!


Free connection calls, paid phone call, Skype call or live chat readings/services

must be scheduled; Email or message readings can optionally be scheduled.

Connection calls are free and can only be scheduled once per client.

If a client has paid for a service to be done through email or social media & proceeds to schedule for

a call or video chat, the scheduled session will be cancelled/deleted & the service will be sent the way it was purchased. It is optional to schedule readings that are sent via email or message.  

If email or message sent readings aren't scheduled, they will be completed and sent within a week of the purchase date.


Payment is due at the time of booking.

Connection calls are free. 

If payment for a session isn't received within the day of booking, or within the hour

before the session starts; if no payment is received, the session will be cancelled/deleted.

If you haven't purchased a service yet, please visit the shop to see what I offer.

If you have never had a session with me,

please review the Privacy Policy, Ethics, Disclaimers & Terms of Service 

before you purchase a service.

No exceptions are made for clients who have not read the policies or Terms of Service.

Session times are scheduled and completed in Pacific Time/San Francisco, CA USA time

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