Here are some common questions that I'm asked! 

This page is constantly being updated with new questions that are asked. If you'd like to submit a question for me to answer, please submit your question here, to have the answer on this page!

What is a 'Starseed'?

Simply put, a starseed is a soul that had their first physical body life on another planet or in another galaxy after incarnating from source energy. It can be argued that everyone is technically a starseed given the fact that all of us are essentially made up of stardust; however, I've found that the people with more extraterrestrial past-lives will have a much easier time communicating and working with starbeings than those with a ratio of more Earth lives than lives on other planets.

What abilities do you have?

Although I haven't had all the abilities I have now, since childhood; But as I opened myself to what I could do, I started finding more.

I has the following abilities currently:


- Clairvoyance (Seeing auras, spirits, angels, aliens, spirit guides, etc.)

- Clairaudiance (Hearing spirits, guides, aliens, angels, etc.)

- Clairempathy (also known as an empathic or empath)

- Clairtangency (Gaining information from objects or things when touched)

- Trance Channeling (being a mediator of information from the other side or beings through a trance-like state or allowing them to use my whole body including motor functions and voice.)

- Mediumship (I'm able to communicate with spirits and I have the ability to cross them over.)

- Automatic writing (Gaining messages or answers through channeled writing.)

Why are some links and URLs under the name Ariel Wickman?

In Spring of 2017, me and my then husband, decided to divorce. My previous last name was Wickman and I didn't want to brand myself under my maiden name, so I legally added Willow as a middle name to brand with so that no matter what my last name is, my branding wouldn't have to change again. 

What's your astrological sign and/or birth chart?

I try to keep my whole natal chart private to the general public, but in my birth-chart, my Sun is in Pisces, Moon is in Virgo and ascendant/rising is in Sagittarius. :)


Why do you describe yourself as a 'Starseed'?

I became aware of my starbeing past lives in 2012, and ever since then, have identified myself as a 'starseed'. A starseed is a being who has many past lives on planets other than Earth and/or in different galaxies/star systems and a starseed's first incarnated life is typically a planet that isn't Earth. 

Where do you live/where are you located?

I’m located in the outer bay area of Central California.

When I send an email, someone named Chloe, Luce or Kellin responds; Not you. Who are they?

Chloe, Luce and Kellin are my assistants and long time friends. They help me with answering simple questions and help me with booking my appointments from time to time.

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