Frequently Asked Questions


This page is constantly being updated with new questions that are asked. If you'd like to submit a question for me to answer, please submit your question here, to have the answer on this page!

How are the sessions or readings sent/done?

I do sessions/readings through email or recorded voice messages.  

In-person sessions are only offered to locals.

In-person readings and sessions are currently on hold until Covid restrictions are lifted.

If it's sent through email, the reading will be sent to the email that is on file.  


If it's done via voice memo, I record your session in a voice recording, upload it to my business Google drive and then email the link to you.

Sessions booked as email or recorded audio will be sent to the client within the next week after the payment was received

Payments received between Wednesday-Sunday will be sent out between Sunday and Saturday the following week.



I'm nervous about negative or certain private information coming through in a reading/session.


Most often, sessions and readings won't be a scary experience for people. But I protect myself and the space around me, as well as set positive intention for information coming through before and during your session. This doesn't mean that sad or difficult information won't come through, but if it does, it won't be intended to harm or upset, but instead meant to inform and help you.

Any difficult information is delivered as gently as possible and I do my best to give a trigger warning if it's something that I feel may be traumatic to hear. For any information you believe may be difficult for you to hear, I encourage you to skip over reading it in an email reading or listen for instruction on where you can skip ahead in the recorded audio readings.

If there's information that you would like me to avoid bringing up in a session if it happens to come through, please let me know before your reading so I can accommodate as best as possible. 

Do you offer readings for groups of two people or more?


Yes! Pricing varies upon group size, location, etc.

Please contact the team to book. Email your inquiry to

Group readings are currently only offered via video chat/call due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Do you offer paranormal investigations for personal residences or businesses?

Yes; I offer both! I've professionally investigated since 2015, but I've been investigating since I was a teen! I use my abilities in addition to tools like a HD night vision camera, spirit box, REM pod and voice recorders to gather evidence. I also ask that I have permission to live stream and/or film the experience for my audience. Regardless, I always keep location, names and/or business information private unless I'm given permission by the tenant, home owner or business owner to share.

Due to Covid-19 guidelines, everyone must be 6ft+ apart and masks and gloves are required. 

Ariel is located in Ventura county in California, so pricing would vary depending on location, investigation length, etc.
Please email your inquiry to

Do you offer astrology services or readings?


Not at this time.

What is a 'Starseed'?

Simply put, a starseed is a soul that had their first physical body life on another planet or in another galaxy after incarnating from source energy. It can be argued that everyone is technically a starseed given the fact that all of us are essentially made up of stardust; however, I've found that the people with more extraterrestrial past-lives will have a much easier time communicating and working with starbeings than those with a ratio of more Earth lives than lives on other planets.

What abilities do you have?

Although I haven't had all the abilities I have now, since childhood; But as I opened myself to what I could do, I started finding more.

I has the following abilities currently (listed from strongest to known, but less developed):


- Clairvoyance (The ability to see auras, energies, spirits, angels, aliens, spirit guides, etc. physically or through the "mind's eye".)

- Clairaudience (Hearing spirits, guides, aliens, angels, etc.)

- Clairsentience (Feeling energies and emotions)


- Trance Channeling (being a mediator of information from the other side or beings through a trance-like state or allowing them to use my whole body including motor functions and voice.)

- Trance/Mental Mediumship (I'm able to communicate with spirits and I have the ability to cross them over. In a trance channeling state, the beings channeling can convey messages from spirits of those who have passed.)

- Automatic writing (Gaining messages or answers through channeled writing.)

- Clairalience (The ability to smell unexplained scents and/or smell scents related to spirit)

- Clairtangency (Gathering information by touching objects or people)

- Clairgustance (Receiving information from spirit via unexplained taste)

What's your astrological sign and/or birth chart?

I tend to keep my whole natal chart private to the general public, but my "main six" in my birth-chart is as following:


Sun: Pisces 

Moon: Virgo

Ascendant/rising: Sagittarius

Mercury: Pisces

Mars: Gemini

Venus: Aries


Why do you describe yourself as a 'Starseed'?

I became aware of my starbeing past lives in 2012, and ever since then, have identified myself as a 'starseed'. A starseed is someone who has many past lives on planets other than Earth and/or in different galaxies/star systems and a starseed's first incarnated life is typically a planet that isn't Earth. 

Where do you live/where are you located?

I’m located in Ventura county, California USA.

When I send an email, someone other than you responds. Who are they?

I have a team of 2 people that help me keep my business running. They help me respond to emails, book appointments and answer general questions. They're in contact with me 24/7, so any answers they give are approved by me. 
Your privacy and confidence is important to me, therefore, all my team members have signed NDAs to keep any information about clients, as well as my personal information, safe. The names of my team members are Chloe and Lenee!