Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Yesterday, Nathan went off to breakfast while I stayed in bed.

I’ve been tired enough the last week, that I’ve just slept through breakfast and slept until 9 am, before I went to get breakfast myself. I’m not sure why I’ve been so tired! Is it the heat? Maybe because I had pancakes for breakfast? Maybe it’s the tiny shift in the time zone that’s only hitting me now? I'm not sure. In any case, I’ve been taking naps whenever possible.

Although it was difficult, I pushed myself to catch up with some things. It's not always easy for me to stay in sync with getting things done and being consistent online. After I got some tasks out of the way, I talked with Erica for a bit. You may think we talk a lot; it’s because we do! I think each day has an average of at least one phone call between us, if not two. We just discuss a lot.

While we were discussing something that I can’t remember now, my phone buzzed with a text from Nathan. “One of our co-workers has invited us to dinner; Would you like us to set up a taxi so you can join us?”

I got a little nervous at the thought of riding in a taxi by myself, 45 minutes to wherever they were, but I figured I’d just take my pepper spray with me and be fine.

After throwing some make-up on to look half-way presentable, I went to grab my pepper spray and was told by Nekato, that I didn’t need it. “…Are you sure?” I thought, but I still got the same answer, so I left without it.

I made my way downstairs and waited by the front entrance for the taxi while I watched people drive by. It’s so funny to me how in Mexico, if you have a family of 8, but only a small sedan car, it really doesn’t matter. Everyone all just packs into the car and drives off to wherever they’re headed. Same with motorcycles! I’m not making this up- I’ve seen a families of 4 or 5, riding on a dirt bike. The dad will be driving with a kid sandwiched between his wife, behind him, while mom holds the baby in one arm and her husband with the other and the older child will hold on to mom in the back.

I do get a little anxiety watching people ride around like this, but I have yet to see an accident.

The big, 9 person van pulled up to the hotel and I hopped in; I showed the driver (who is one of the drivers who carts Nathan and his co-workers to work every day) my phone with google translate. “I need to get to _______; the place you take the Americans to every morning.” He nodded his head and smiled, and we were off! It was a little nerve wracking to be in a car with a man, in a foreign country, where I didn’t understand the language. But everything was fine and he was a pretty safe driver in comparison to others I had seen.

It’s common here, for cars to weave around each other on the road. In America, if you’re behind someone and they’re going a bit slow, you wait until there’s a large break between cars in the other lane to pass. Here, they do not. They just go, regardless of traffic quickly approaching in the oncoming lane.

But I had faith in his driving, due to the fact that Nathan had gotten back every day so far, so today likely wouldn’t be different.

I stared out the window as we drove past little adobe and brick house with chickens in the yard, large estates and tilled fields.

Fields with agave plants or fruit trees in perfect rows. We passed trees with vibrant purple flowers, and rolling hills of yellow grass. It really did remind me a lot of the Napa-Sonoma area; just replace vineyards with rows of trees or agave. I watched as children played soccer beside the road, and neighborhoods filled with white adobe houses, peeked over a hill. Every time I would be tempted to be afraid of the driving or being alone in a car with the driver, Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabe (Gabriel) would show up on the side of the road around a corner and give a quick ‘thumbs up’ to let me know that everything was fine.

The road winded around an embankment and came around a corner to reveal a town in a valley. We snaked down the hill, before continuing on to the factory.

We drove down a long straight road while a large, white building grew in the distance. As we got closer, the sign indicated that it was where Nathan has been working. This place was huge! We drove up a dirt road up to the back of the plant, and the driver stopped by a chain-link fence gate with men in caution vests and hardhats. I quickly wrote down that I was here to meet up with my boyfriend, and mentioned the company he works with. They nodded and the driver spoke to them and pointed to the ground next to him; I walked over and waited while they finished for the day.

After a few moments, the group of tired, dusty workers slowly made their way to the gate. Their pants and boots covered in dusty hand prints, their heavy backpacks slung over their shoulders as they walked through a turning metal gate (which makes no sense to have there) and walked over the van. They quietly placed their bags in the back and we all loaded up to head to the restaurant. Poor things were exhausted.

We passed by huge gates by the side of the road as the van went back down the road we came and I asked Nathan what the gate was for. He simply replied with a smile and said "That's the Patron Tequila plant."

UHHHHH. OKAY. Wow! I would have never expected to be staring at one of the most well-known tequila brand's estates during my life, and yet here I was, doing just that!

The van continued down the road before taking a different trek into the small town at the bottom of the hill. Atotoncio El Alto. The buildings hugged the narrow streets as we made our way deeper into the city. The buildings changing from blue, green, orange, white and tan as we drove by. It made me wonder if this was what the streets of Italy were like; the narrow streets that wind between buildings that create an exciting, magical maze of color and stone.

The van stopped in the middle of the road, and we scrambled out onto the sidewalk. Stopping in the middle of the road was probably not the best idea, but in fairness, there really wasn’t anywhere for the 9 seater van to go. The kind co-worker taking us to dinner, led us to a small bar on a street corner. It was pretty tiny, but charming. Orange-tan interior surrounded round tables with woven, leather covered seats. The bathrooms were tiny doored cubbies under the stairs, and the stairs were surrounded by iron gates. The bar was dark wood with hundreds of bottles on shelves above it.

The waiter handed us a menu that only had drinks; a few non-alcoholic beverages were included on the menu, along with 47 different Tequilas and numerous other liquors.

A round of beers were brought to the table, along with a limeade for me. The waiters left, before coming back with two plates of cucumbers, limes, jicama, mango and potatoes. Yeah. Potatoes. I thought it was an odd thing to add in as well, but hey- different cultures! Lol I ate some jicama and mango while the waiters left and came back with a plate that has tacos stacked upon each other. I took one off the plate and took a bite- fish. Not amazing due to the pretty fishy taste because of the far proximity to the ocean, but I finished it and had decided to avoid those ones in the future. I tried another and it seemed to be pork…I hope. And they also had cheese ones that were really good! For anyone wondering, I’ve avoided cheese for the most part while being here, but had hoped that the cheese here would affect me less than the cheese in America, but it affects me the same way, and I still take Lactaid with any cheese.

I would periodically look over at Nathan and find him already looking my way, smiling. I really couldn’t help but blush because his dimply, sweet smile has that effect on me. X_X; An hour or two passed while they conversed and I texted with my sister Abby about my parents moving. We found out that they were going to have to move out of their home after 25+ years because it’s unsafe due to an unstable foundation.

After dinner, we headed back onto the street to meet the van. We all climbed in and started off the trek back to the hotel.

We winded back through the streets while Nathan and I commented on the “quaint-ness” of the town. It really was cute, and I’m a butt because I didn’t get any photos for you guys! -_-;

The van found it’s way up to the windy road above the town and we drove around a bank of trees as the full, golden moon blanketed the town below us in a warm glow, while the lights of the town below, twinkled like stardust. It reminded me of driving down Kingsbury grade at night, and seeing the lights on Minden Nevada below the mountain, except more condensed. Growing up, I always imagined lights of towns as gems; I particularly remember driving up to Carson City with my mom and sister and coming over the mountain from Minden, into the Carson City basin and seeing all the lights sprawled out before me. I would always say “Mommy! Look! It’s the jewelry box!” Jewelry was the sparkliest thing to me at the time, so that’s what I had compare it to.

My eyes welled with tears a bit as I was hit with this memory. So much has changed for that girl staring at sparkly lights below a hill, but yet here I am, still having my heart swell with wonder and excitement when I see lights of houses below me.

We continued up the hill to the longer stretches of road on the way back. My music played through my headphones as I looked out the windows of the van, where everything was illuminated by moonlight. I tuned in and saw dark hounds running beside the van, accompanied by Anubis. They ran while their muscles flexed and glinted with sweat in the reflection of the headlights of cars behind us. In the distance, I watched as spirits of indigenous people sat by past fires beside trees. I watched as starbeings roamed between the trees and the guardian spirits observed the land in their wispy, black cloaks. The moonlight filtering through the fabric as they floated among the land.

I tried not to laugh and give myself away. If I tried explaining what I was seeing to the other people in the car, they would look at me like I had lost my mind. Maybe I had; maybe I was completely delusional. But if I was or am, I have the coolest delusions!

The hounds faded from view as I listened to my music. And stared at the moon. The moon was in Libra tonight, reminding us to find balance within our lives. The light reflecting off of it, creating a halo in the atmosphere. I thought back to nights when my mom would take us on walks on full moon nights, in the fields around the house. We were lucky enough to grow surrounded by 80 acres which could either feel extremely expansive and exciting or completely isolating depending on the day.

We would walk in the moonlight and talk about random things, deep things, silly things…those nights were really magical. Sometimes it would just be us. Sometimes it would be us and friends that had joined us for sleep-overs. The moonlight was always a sanctuary for me once I released my fear of my abilities. Before that, it had been a scary playground for the things I didn’t understand. Those fields and my childhood home, hold so much heavy, magical and exciting energy for me; they held me in births, deaths and rebirths and now, will be buried itself, to rise again in some way. Letting go of the home I grew up in, it really something I see as a death of an era and the past for me. I'm equally excited and slightly sad about letting it go, but I know there will be other places for me to experience everything that it gave me, again.

We arrived back at the hotel and everyone slowly unloaded from the van and dragged our feet up the stairs to our rooms where we could slump into our beds for another night.

Mexico has very interesting energy compared to Nevada. I like being able to tune in to the energies and beings here and learning more about them. I’ve been connecting to Santa Muerte and exploring her energies, as well as the guardians, spirits of the dead here and starbeings.

I love learning more and more about this interesting place. Another day gone, another day full of new energies and experiences!

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