The Art of Non-Resistance

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Wednesday March 27th, 2019

Erika and I spent some time by the pool; I haven’t spent time in water I can actually relax and swim in for a while and it was glorious. I was disappointed in my breath holding ability when I first got in because it’s been a hot second since I've spent that amount of time underwater! Haha

When I'm underwater, everything stops. I'm one with the water. My heartbeat pounds in my ears and I can feel the air in my lungs keeping me buoyant. My body feels light and relaxed and I feel at peace. It's a lesson in non resistance. If you fight the water, you'll become exhausted and potentially sink. If you allow yourself to relax and let go, you'll float.

Sometimes we have an illusion that if we fight against what's happening, we'll succeed. And sometimes we do! And sometimes we end up tired, exhausted and defeated.

In a spiritual sense, water represents emotion, feeling and intuition. I used swimming as my way of literally immersing myself into my emotions, feelings and intuitive nature. I was done fighting it and ready to immerse myself within it and welcome its lessons. By the end of the 5 day trip, I was able to hold my breath for much longer than I had at the start because I learned to completely relax and not panic at the lack of air. I also wasn't gasping for air every-time I surfaced which was probably a great relief to others at the pool!

I slept so deeply from how much I did during the day. I can honestly say that I had low expectations of L.A./Santa Monica/Marina Del Rey; the only times that I had ever been to the Los Angeles area, I was in Riverside which apparently isn’t Los Angeles. At least according to everyone I spoke to about it. That, and I was only at the university in Riverside and I was at a church youth conference, so you know I didn't see the true L.A.!

I had been to Huntington beach on a cloudy day, and although it was wonderful, it wasn’t the sunny, glorious Santa Monica that I had expected.

The L.A. area exceeded my expectations and is honestly such an amazing place! What else can this place show me?

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