The Gift of the Fae

Updated: May 22, 2020

I’m reflecting back to the days I was spending in Mid-California, before L.A. I was there for about two weeks, but didn’t take a huge number of photos because it was a minimal amount of time spent there, but there was a day I went out to explore some fun places.

I was in the Sonoma area when I found a flower patch with gorgeous poppies, ruffled tulips, lupine and daffodils along side the road. I rushed out and snapped some photos.

I’m easily distracted and it’s really nice to have photos and videos to look back on to remember moments and experiences. Hence, YouTube and a blog! I even found some fairy houses, Vinca flower and lush meadows in a secret spot. It was the perfect spot to be able to relax, regroup and be among nature and the Fae.

Growing up, I had an obsession with fairies. To the point where my sister Abby and I would gather sticks from the yard and create fairy houses out of whatever materials we could find and it ended up that we made so many fairy houses, the local library put them in their display cabinet for a month! That was a huge accomplishment at the time and I felt like Fairies were finally getting the attention they deserved!

As I grew up, I lost touch with that piece of myself. I wasn’t connecting as much to the Fae realm and was stuck in the everyday nuances every young adult goes through; “what do I want to be?” “do they like me?” “I want to learn that!”. These aren’t bad, it’s just that we caught up in everyday, not super magical things. And as it’s supposed to, life goes through ebbs and flows; ups and downs.

And then at some point, we question why we’ve lost touch with that child-like sense of wonder, excitement and curiosity.

This is normal. This is okay. But if we continue in this state of mind, we become burdened with life. Burdened by the everyday and we start crumbling under the weight of life. Then we end up reaching a point where we start questioning our sanity and trying to think of the last time we were truly happy.

We stick ourselves into groups of people who have stubborn, judgmental mindsets, so when we try to break the mold a bit, we’re punished for it.

If we could incorporate a little more of our inner child/spontaneity/adventurous nature into our lives, what could this do? Would we be more willing to be silly and take chances? Would we be more willing to open up rather than hide our love and soft nature within ourselves? Maybe. Or maybe we would feel vulnerable or a little foolish and like we were being ridiculous for having fun. But either way, I’ve tried to be more vulnerable, real, loving, sillier and more ridiculous because I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve created an environment around me that others feel comfortable being their silly selves in, and that’s amazing. I’ve seen people who I never thought would be so silly and funny and child-like, break open and start dancing in public because they know I won’t judge, criticize or make them feel stupid because we all need a little more silliness. Don't ever apologize for being soft and loving. The world needs some real, raw emotion and passion. It needs more vulnerability. We have moved past the age of the trail blazers and cave man; we're now in the age of the feelers and nurturers.

Life is so serious and crusted; let’s make it sillier and let love flow.

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