The Night Before Flight

Monday, March 25th, 2019

It was the night before my flight to Southern California, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for the mouse that was experiencing panic and anxiety. 😬

No; truthfully, I wasn't really concerned because I had driven a rental car from Nevada to California and I felt that I had reduced down the amount of stuff I was bringing as much as possible. I had an extra bag or two of stuff I would try and use up and/or send back before I left, but I didn’t realize it was as much as it was.

But the night before my flight, I was in a room alone, my suitcase sitting in front of me and no way of closing it with everything I had in there.

I could have used a larger suitcase, but I really wanted something that I could easily manage on my own if need be. My other one was way too bulky to carry up staircases by myself and was much to easy to over pack.

Anyhow, there I sat, with a suitcase that was practically screaming at me to minimize. I was afraid to! What if I didn’t have what I needed? What if I couldn’t find what I needed where I was going? What if; what if, what if??? I had never been to a foreign country before and really didn't know what to expect!

So I painfully went through each item again; “do I need this?" No. And I placed anything I really didn’t see myself needing or possibly finding, in a flat rate box. (Heads-up, Mom! You’ll get a flat rate box in the mail at some point with things I couldn’t fit! 😜) I realized very quickly that I wouldn’t be needing as many long sleeved shirts or my Bluetooth speaker with me as I traveled. Anything non-essential was staying behind unless I could fit it and it didn't weigh that much. (But don't talk to me about my large pencil bag full of colorful pens, or my case of colored pencils, because I need them! 🤣)

My lesson that day, was minimizing; and not simply that, but trust. Trusting that if I needed it, it would either be available for me to use or I could easily buy it.

One of the things I left behind before I left was my pillow. And if you know me, you’ll be shocked. I left my pillow. Yeah! 😱 My pillow and my “silkies” are my safety blankets. When I’m traveling, I feel much more comfortable having at least one of those. So instead of my pillow, I brought my silky pillow cases with me because there was no way I was going to fit my pillow in my suitcase! So the lesson in that, is again, trust. But also letting go and courage. Lol. Courage for leaving my pillow behind. HA! 🤣

Thankfully, my bag is 45lbs and my backpack is 18lbs so we should be free and clear at the airport tomorrow!

Next stop, Santa Monica, California!

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