Readings and Sessions

On this page, I have information about the different services and reading options I offer!

I announces via the email list and social media (if needed) any available sessions for the week.

If you're interested in booking a session, you can join the email list to be notified of available sessions for that week and/or visit the shop on Sundays to book sessions. 

This system is still in the process of being implemented as we book the rest of the clients from the current waitlist. Any sessions that are not filled by clients on the waitlist, will be available to public on Sundays at 12pm Pacific Time

Don't get scammed!

We use the email and @StarryAriel on Instagram to send the announcements for available sessions for the week. If the email address does not end in, please delete the email and block that contact.


If Ariel contacts you via Instagram, she will initially contact you via a voice message so you can verify it's her. If you would like to see specific email addresses used in the business, please view the Terms of Service.

If you feel that you may have had an encounter with a scammer that was impersonating Ariel or a member of her team, please contact support by filling out the contact form on the home page!

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Card Readings

During the session, I gather information by connecting to your energy and spirit team using cards and my intuition to gather messages and answers. I sometimes use additional divination methods such as pendulums, runes, etc. to get answers.

Sent via email or Audio Message.

Mini Reading 


For a mini reading I will connect with your spirit team and ask for guidance on the topic of your choosing.

Topics include; General, Love, Work, Money, Spirituality or Health.

Basic Card Reading


For a basic session I will pull cards for general guidance, as well as guidance on a specific topic of your choosing.

Topics include; Love, Work, Money, Spirituality or Health.


Extended Card Reading


Going more in-depth, the extended session will include cards for general guidance and includes 2 topics of your choosing.

Topics include; Love, Work, Money, Spirituality or Health.

Advanced Card Reading


Going even deeper, the advanced session includes a card pull for general guidance as well as guidance on all of the five reading topics, Love, Work, Money, Spirituality and Health.

*NOTE* Sessions are available for purchase on Sundays through the shop link and sessions are sent out between Sun.-Sat. the following week.

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Spirit Team Reading

During the session, I then tune in to gather information about your spirit team which may include your spirit guide(s), animal/creature spirit guide(s) and your guardian angel(s). 

Sent via email or Audio Message.

Basic Spirit Team Reading


I'll tune in and describe 1-2 members of your 'spirit team' who decide to come forward; such as your spirit guide(s), guardian angel(s) and/or animal/creature guide(s). I'll describe their appearance as well as gather their names and if applicable, gather dates from your spirit guides of when they came into your life. 

Advanced Spirit Team Reading


I'll gather information from any of your spirit guide(s), guardian angel(s) and/or animal/creature guide(s) that will come forward, as well as gather information from any spirit guides on the past life connection they have with you and their purpose for working with you, the messages that your guardian angel(s) have for you, along with the information that comes through during the basic session.

Spirit Team Readings does not connect to passed loved ones please see: Mediumship Session

*NOTE* Sessions are available for purchase on Sundays through the shop link and sessions are sent out between Sun.-Sat. the following week.

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Mediumship Session 


During the session, I will connect to your passed loved one(s) and try to gather as much as information as possible for you.* 

Please include the first name and/or nickname (if possible) of whom you'd like me to connect with.

I encourage you to have no more than two loved one's that you would like me to tune into and 1-2 questions that I can ask your loved one for your session. 

*There is no guarantee of connection as Spirit will do what spirit will do. Sometimes your loved ones are not ready to communicate or that moment is not the correct time. This does not mean that they are not with you; it just means you aren’t supposed to hear from them yet. 

In the event that connection cannot be made, I issue a full refund for the session price.

Sent via email or Audio Message.

*NOTE* Sessions are available for purchase on Sundays through the shop link and sessions are sent out between Sun.-Sat. the following week.


Reading/Session FAQs

How are the sessions or readings sent/done?

I do sessions/readings through email or recorded voice messages.  

I don't offer in-person sessions at this time.

If it's sent through email, the reading will be sent to the email that is on file.  


If it's done via voice memo, I record your session in a voice recording, upload it to a Google drive and then email the link to you.

Sessions will be sent to the client 7 - 10 days after payment was received.


I'm nervous about negative or certain private information coming through in a reading/session.


Most often, sessions and readings won't be a scary experience for people. But I protect myself and the space around me, as well as set positive intention for information coming through before and during your session. This doesn't mean that sad or difficult information won't come through, but if it does, it won't be intended to harm or upset, but instead meant to inform and help you.

Any difficult information is delivered as gently as possible and I do my best to give a trigger warning if it's something that I feel may be traumatic to hear. For any information you believe may be difficult for you to hear, I encourage you to skip over reading it in an email reading, and in an audio recording I'll do my best to give warning before sharing.

If there's information that you would like me to avoid bringing up in a session if it happens to come through, please let me know before your reading so I can accommodate as best as possible. 

Do you offer readings for groups of two people or more?


Yes! Pricing varies upon group size, location, etc.

Please contact the team to book. Email your inquiry to

Do you offer paranormal investigations for personal residences or businesses?

Yes; I offer both! I've professionally investigated since 2015, but I've been investigating since I was a teen! I use my abilities in addition to tools like a HD night vision camera, spirit box, REM pod and voice recorders to gather evidence. I also ask that I have permission to live stream and/or film the experience for my audience. Regardless, I always keep location, names and/or business information private unless I'm given permission by the tenant, home owner or business owner to share.

Ariel is located in Ventura county in California,

so pricing would vary depending on location, investigation length, etc.
Please email your inquiry to

Do you offer astrology services or readings?


Not at this time.

All sessions are confidential and any information shared in our session will not be shared unless I am given permission by the client or I believe the client has the intent to hurt themselves or others.

You must be 18+ to book a session with me.


By law, I must contact the appropriate authorities if a client shows or expresses intention to hurt themselves or others.

For legal reasons, I do not not recommend replacing advice I've given with that of a licensed professional.

If you are in an emergency, please contact 911 or your local emergency response number.

All information that comes through in readings is information that is accurate for that moment and energy. Because everyone has free will and can change their mind moment to moment, the outcomes or answers may change.

I have no control over which questions the universe, angels, guides, spirits or other beings choose to answer or how they answer them. 

I am in no way obligated to give free readings in order to answers to questions that have been asked previously in a reading that were unanswered.

I have the right to end a session and/or reading if I ever feel uncomfortable or if I feel the client is acting inappropriately.

Sessions booked as email or recorded audio will be sent to the client within the next week after the payment was received. Payments received between Wednesday-Sunday will be sent out between Sunday and Saturday the following week. Sessions done in live time, are scheduled at the time of booking.

Sessions are for entertainment and/or spiritual purposes only.

For Terms of Service, a full list of disclaimers, ethics and policies, please visit the policies page!