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All sessions are confidential and any information shared in our session will not be shared outside of the Ariel Willow team unless I am given permission by the client or I believe the client has the intent to hurt themselves or others.

You must be 18+ years of age to book with me.



By law, I must contact the appropriate authorities if a client shows or expresses intention to hurt themselves or others.

I do not not recommend replacing advice or information given, with that of a licensed professional.

If you are in an emergency, please contact 911 or your local emergency response number.

All information that comes through in readings is information that is accurate for that moment and energy. Because everyone has free will and can change their mind moment to moment, the outcomes or answers may change.

I have no control over which questions the universe, angels, guides, spirits or other beings choose to answer or how they answer them. I also have no control over what requests are granted and can only do my best to adjust the clients energy to what the wish to attain, attract and manifest in their life.

I am in no way obligated to give free sessions in order to answers to questions that have been asked previously in a reading that were unanswered.

I have the right to end a session and/or reading if I ever feel uncomfortable or if I feel the client is acting inappropriately.

Sessions booked as email or recorded audio will be sent to the client within the next week after the payment was received. 

Sessions, services and workings are for entertainment and/or spiritual purposes only.

For Terms of Service, a full list of disclaimers, ethics and policies, please visit the policies page!