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My Team

The humans that help me to have a life outside of answering emails!

Each one is hand-picked, to be part of a loving, supportive, collective that is the support team!

General support email addresses: and

We encourage you to be safe online and be cautious of scams; if you receive an email that claims to be from Ariel Willow or her team and the email doesn't end in ""

take screenshots if possible, send the photos to the team at,

block them and discontinue contact.


Manager | Scheduling | Transactions

Chloe is a bright, spunky soul and loves her pups, Sophie and Missy!

With a background in teaching and theater, her energy radiates compassion and passion. Her skills in engagement and speaking make her an excellent general manager for Ariel's team and overseeing things behind the scenes. 


Customer relations, service and advisor

Lenee is a creative and loving presence within the team who helps with answering questions, concerns and giving general guidance to clients and followers. In her free time, she creates beautiful resin art by utilizing her ideasthesia to design pieces that reflect personalities, colors and numbers.

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Software Development Consultant

With over a decade of spiritual path development, Austin has many different paths of knowledge under his belt. He loves exploring the more unknown aspects of spirituality and learning about different points of view.

He has extensive knowledge of software development and a musical background.

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Marketing Consultant

Polly is a loving soul that is passionate about helping spiritual beings build communities and lives that benefit their highest good and visions. She has an extensive background in marketing, consumer engagement and online presence.